Friday, March 1, 2013

The Americans

I have a new favorite show. 
The Americans is fantastic!Kerri Russell plays Elizabeth and Matthew Rhys plays Phillip. They are an undercover team of Soviet intelligence agents put together to pose as a normal husband and wife living in the  United States during the cold war. No one knows they are KGB agents. Not even their children. Elizabeth and Phillip pose as travel agents. Their relationship is complicated. They weren't paired together because they loved each other. They were chosen for their skills. You know...lying, cheating, stealing, and killing. They have been married for fifteen years and are just now starting to trust each other and dare I say, fall in love. Living right across the street from them is an FBI agent. That can complicate things especially when there is a man in your trunk and Mr. FBI needs to borrow your jumper cables! There are so many great twists and turns to the show.

You can't help but root for Elizabeth and Phillip! I find myself watching every episode thinking, "I hope they don't get caught!"  Then I remember that they are actually the bad guys.  There is going to be a marathon tonight on FX. If you haven't watched this yet then set your DVR and record the marathon! There have only been five episodes so you haven't missed much yet. 


  1. I'm really enjoying this show, too. My husband watches it, too, and since he's been so busy we're a couple weeks behind, but they're on the DVR. The thing that is weird to me is the length of the show... the first one was like 97 minutes and the next one was 60 something. It's weird, lol!

  2. This did look good. Jeremy wants to watch, but I think just for Kerri Russell. lol I'm glad to hear it's being shown again. I'll DVR it. Thanks. :)

  3. I am unhealthily obsessed with this show, and House of Cards on Netflix haha.


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