Friday, March 29, 2013

Friday's Letters


Dear Sun,
I'm SO glad to finally see you! Thank you for you continuing efforts to melt the yuck that is the snow. Can you work a little faster and maybe dry out the back yard too? Bella is getting really muddy when she plays out there and it's driving me insane.

Dear Bella,
If you want to go outside and get messy...fine. BUT don't cry to go out, come in 20 minutes later, have me clean you off, and then cry to go out again. It's not a fun cycle of events for me.

Dear Oatmeal,
Ew! Why do I always think that maybe NOW I like you? Then I buy you, prepare you, and do NOT like you. Oh well.  

Spring Break Sleep,
I thought that with it being spring break I would be sleeping in late late late. This is not the case. As soon as I first wake up in the morning there is no going back to sleep. My pregnant body starts screaming at me that it wants food and it wants it now! So of course after I get up and eat I'm no longer sleepy enough to crawl back in bed. 

I hope everyone has a great weekend! We have lots of plans so we'll be nice and busy. Hopefully the weather will stay nice for the weekend. There is supposed to be a cold front late Sunday night with snow showers. Obviously I'm not thrilled about it!


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  1. We just rescued a 15 month-old lab over the weekend and she's doing the same thing. Our yard is a muddy mess right now and I've started keeping a towel by the door or I came wipe her off each time. But she's really cute!


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