Thursday, February 28, 2013

Happy Birthday Book Chat!

Today is The Book Chat's birthday. Usually Jessica gives us a topic to discuss, today she said,
"So today, for the book chat prompt, if you'd like, just pick any topic over the last year.  It can be one you already answered and you want to answer again, or maybe one that you missed the chance to answer before. "

I've chosen a topic that I missed. I loved reading everyone's response and taking a peak into their world of reading.

Much to Joey's annoyance, my end table often looks like this. I have a bad habit of reading a book and then just leaving it where I finished it.

Most of my book shelves are neatly organized. Most of them.... 
Sometimes the get shoved full of papers, toys, and things that don't really belong there.

I LOVE that Noah enjoys books. I often find him sitting in the 
dark sneak reading long after I've told him to go to bed.

The book chat has been so much fun for me. If you love books you really should join in. You won't be disappointed!  Happy Birthday to you book chat!


  1. So many books! I love this post :) My bedstand is also ridden with books and most I'm in the middle of so they're taking up a lot of space open to where I stopped. I think it's also really awesome that your son loves reading. I hope when we have kids they won't inherit my husband's lack of love for books.

  2. I love your bookshelves! I keep all of my kids favorites in their rooms and I love seeing them on their little beanbags flipping though the pages. It makes me happy when I go in my daughters room in the morning to wake her up and see her book next to her where she fell asleep reading.

  3. So cute! I love that Noah stays up late reading. I hope my kids are like that too :D

  4. I love seeing little glimpses of people's bookshelves - it's like a snapshot into their reading lives :)

  5. How fun! This is also one that I skipped. But I love seeing everyone else's pictures!!

  6. I spy a picture that is bringing back some memories. lol :)
    This was one of my favorite prompts too. Thanks for sharing your photos!


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