Monday, March 25, 2013

A new kind of discipline

It has always been hard to come up with a punishment that works for Noah. Spanking never worked. Time outs worked for a short while. Losing privileges was what worked the best until recently. Lately that hasn't been working. 

Then a few days ago as Noah complained about finishing his homework assignment which included a lot of writing and an idea came to me. Writing lines!

I explained to Noah what writing lines was and that from now on that will be his punishment when he doesn't behave. He was already begging not to write lines and he hadn't even done anything wrong yet.

Noah does NOT like this new punishment. I'm amazed that something so small can do so much.


  1. Great idea! I know in school they strongly discourage writing lines as punishment because it takes away from learning time BUT writing lines at home is perfect because he is having to miss out on playing!

  2. We have to change up the punishments here too. I swear that sometimes my oldest will weigh whether the punishment is worth the crime in her head. Her absolute worst punishment is going to bed early. I wonder if lines would work for us?

  3. My mom made me write lines once when I was younger. It's the WORST. PUNISHMENT. EVER. She had to come u with original punishments for me and my brother because things never worked the same for both of us. My brother for example couldn't be sent to his room, because he would just fall asleep! I was always a bit more rebellious growing up... Writing lines though... Ugh... *traumatized*


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