Friday, March 15, 2013

Confession: The Easter Bunny

I confess that I hate the Easter Bunny. Okay that's a strong word. I dislike him very much. I think he is going to ruin the magic of Santa Claus for Noah. It's easy to believe that there is a man who has magic and can bring toys and joy to children all over the world. I think it's harder to believe that there is a giant bunny hopping around with baskets of eggs and candy for everyone.

He doesn't really talk about how the Easter Bunny is supposed to come soon even though he knows that Easter is only a short ways away. I don't think I'll bring it up. I'm pretty sure last year we got him a basket and when he found it in the morning we didn't say, "Oh it's from the Easter Bunny!" This year will probably follow the same pattern.

I know someday he will stop believing in Santa and I'll have to have that discussion with him about the magic of Christmas and tradition. I'd just like to extend that period of believing for as long as possible. I don't want the "bunny" at the mall who is so obviously NOT an actual bunny to ruin it.

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  1. When my oldest was 4 years-old she saw the "Easter Bunny" at the mall and "knew" he wasn't a real bunny. Since then we've talked about what Easter actually is rather than the bunny part of it. The bunny is up there with a leprechaun. Does that make sense?

    And that bunny picture is even scary to me.


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