Friday, March 22, 2013

The side effects of pregnancy...

This pregnancy is already taking a toll on my body and probably my mind too. I am so grateful for this teensy weensy baby but not so much for the side effects of carrying a baby...

*Mood swings. I feel like I'm insane sometimes. I can feel the crazy coming. I can see it happening but I am powerless to stop it.

*Sleep! I can't get any! Every night I crawl in bed so tired and then I toss and turn until finally falling asleep around 2am. Of course by then I have to pee so I get up and the process starts all over again. This leaves me exhausted during the day. 

*Although my morning sickness is gone and I can finally eat again it still hasn't been a walk in the park. Almost every time I eat about 5-10 minutes later I start coughing and gagging. I have no idea what this is about but apparently it's pretty common. I never feel nauseous just gaggy. Bleh! It's extremely unpleasant.

*My skin is behaving like an angry monster. It's dry. It's breaking out like crazy. Nothing I do seems to help. Thank you pregnancy hormones. 

I'm enjoying the thoughts of when the baby comes.

I'm mentally planning the room (which would be easier if I knew what the gender was...)

I'm very excited about family visiting! 
-My brother will be here right at the beginning of October so it's likely that if I go past my due date he'll be here on the special day.
- My mom is planning to be here as soon as the baby is born. This will be fantastic! I think Noah was already 4 or 5 months old when she got to see him for the first time since we lived so far away.
-My sister and nephew are probably coming for Thanksgiving.

I'm looking forwards to seeing Noah hold his little brother or sister.

I'll be so happy to just hold the baby in my arms.

As many unpleasant "side effects" as there are the payoff is worth it. I'll take feeling and looking like crap for a few months to get a healthy happy little baby. Emphasis on LITTLE. No 8 or 9 pound babies please....Seriously. Noah was 7 pounds and that was enough. Let us aim for 6 or 7. Deal? Deal!


  1. I had those same problems when eating in each of my pregnancies. When I was pregnant with my last baby I had such a problem with smells. Any smell at any time could set me off and running to the bathroom. But yes the payoff is well worth it.

  2. I'm not sure if I am excited or terrified to be pregnant LOL. I know the baby in the end will be worth it but I must admit your side effects would definitely take a toll on me! Hopefully all this nonsense starts to go away soon, or maybe it will mean a VERY EASY labor?! Fingers crossed!

  3. You poor thing. Hopefully life gets easier in your second trimester. I'm glad your family gets to come visit :)


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