Thursday, September 18, 2014

11 Months ~ Emily

We now have two more weekends until Emily is one. I am in complete denial. I have picked a day for her birthday party but that's about it. Perhaps if I ignore it all together she won't actually turn one? If I pretend she's still a baby she'll stay a baby? I wish! Oh, how I wish! She is less and less a baby everyday and while I am excited to see her do new things my heart also breaks. As she learns these new skills she leaves behind some of my favorite things. I miss rocking her to sleep. I miss snuggling her while she sleeps. These days she lets us rock her a little bit but ends up preferring to lay in her bed to sleep. I miss her teeny tiny baby sounds. Now we have a VERY loud Emily.

She fills up the car seat! How????

Although I miss so many things, this stage is by far my favorite. She has been silly and giggly most of the time. She loves to hand us things. She likes to throw things...especially when she's mad. she does this awful thing where she throws herself backwards at the slightest inconvenience to her. She is very dramatic.

She still isn't crawling and prefers to pull herself everywhere. She is FAST! You have to watch her every. single. second. Her favorite things to "crawl" to of course are things she can't have. When you take it away she immediately has a meltdown. This chick is a drama queen.

She LOVES food. She eats absolutely anything we give her. I am always surprised by just how much she eats.

Her favorite thing to do is still swinging. She just loves it! She also likes music. She bobs her head and wiggles around. It really is the cutest thing. She LOVES to shake her head yes.  She is starting to understand what we are saying to her. If I say, "Do you want to eat?" she is definitely shaking her head yes lol. Clapping her hands and waving bye bye are new things as well. I can't get over how much she's changed!

I can't believe she has grown so fast. I knew it would happen. It just happened too fast. There is no rewind button. No pause. Only living in the moment and hoping to hang onto as many memories as I can. Her birthday will be here soon and this mommy will cry. My baby is turning into a little girl.
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