Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Blogger Buddies

I LOVE my Bloggy Buddies. I had no idea that when I started this blog I would "meet" so many amazing people.I thought I would write a post now and then, it would give me something to do and I would have fun doing it. Never did I imagine that I would make such great connections. I wish I could scoop you all up and whisk you away on some amazing tropical blogger vacation...with free WiFi of course.


  1. I know, right!? Blog friends are great because it's so organic. You get to meet people that you wouldn't normally meet because of distance but that you should be friends with because you have so much in common. I love blogging mainly for the people. And I'm SO glad that you're a part of it now! You fit right in. :)

  2. The blogging community has been the biggest surprise Iv found about blogging. The kindness and friendliness of everyone in blogland has been the thing that has kept me going all these years I think. If I didnt have them there commenting and emailing I would probably think nobody was interested in what I had to say which would be kind of depressing! As I do love to chat and write :)
    I would definately head to a deserted island (with wifi!) with you :D

  3. I love the way you write that. I thought the same things when I first started and that blogging would be mostly for me and people I already knew. I am absolutely blown away by the people that I've "met" in the blog world as well and I wish sometimes that you all lived right next door.


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