Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Up to Wednesday

It Snowed! It only snowed a teeny tiny bit...but it still snowed. Noah had to rush outside to go play in it. 

We went...
Noah really didn't want to go. He was afraid of falling. So was I! He did try it though. If you count skating 15 feet almost falling and then taking the skates off and just watching the rest of the time trying. We told him he has to try it again next time. I know once he learns to skate he'll like it. He's just scared of falling down. I had a lot of fun. Yes I almost fell but I did not actually fall. I'm by no means an expert skater but I don't have to hold the wall anymore lol. I'll still stay by the wall though...just in case!

We used our fireplace for the first time!

I couldn't find my baster anywhere. then I realized I could just use one of our many leftover medicine droppers.....

The boys have been watching lots of football.

I am getting VERY excited to go visit my grandparents 
for Thanksgiving! Woooohoooo!!!!

Have a fun Wednesday!

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