Thursday, November 1, 2012

Fun-Tastic Halloween

Noah had a ton of fun this year. His class had a Halloween party. I helped one of the other moms plan the party.

The kids had a Halloween parade.

We played pin the tail on the cat.

Pumpkin bowling

We had yummy snacks

Noah was a little sad he couldn't wear his mask at school, but I'm sure the fun cheered him up.

I found out the other moms would be dressing up... So I kinda threw together a last minute outfit. I didn't really know what I was. The kids told me I was a farmer clown =)

After school it was TRICK OR TREAT TIME!

After we walked the cold....and got lots of candy we had some fun with Bella. She hated it.

Noah passed out candy. 
We ran out in about 20 minutes!
 There were so many kids!

It was a really fun night!

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