Thursday, November 8, 2012

Cutting It and A Book Swap Extension

I decided to cut my hair OFF! I'm glad I did. I was tired of spending an hour or more drying and styling my hair. I was tired of brushing it hundreds of times throughout the day because it got tangled so easily. So I walked into the salon and told the stylist I was ready to say goodbye....

Now I can dry and style it in 20 minutes. Much better!
I'm sure I'll miss curling it but I'm glad it's much easier to handle.


The link up for the book swap has been postponed until NEXT Thursday the 15th. Some people still have not received their packages yet. This will allow extra time for everyone's books to arrive. 

Once you do receive your book package, here's what you can do for the link-up...
1. Take pictures.   Show off the goodies you received.
2. Tell us all about your book swap partner.  Include links and blog info.
3. If you had time to read the book already, share a review/thoughts.

Make sure you link up with JESSICA. If you have already received your book and would like to link up today that's fine too. 

I can't wait to read all of the posts!

Have a Happy Thursday!


  1. Haha. love the last pic.
    I like your hair! You know, you look exactly the same as when we were in Germany. I don't think you've aged a day. lol

  2. Love Love Love it! You look great, and that last picture is the best!


  3. Oh my goodness! Love the hair :)

  4. OMG k first of all. Your haircut is GORGEOUS. Second of all- you're so cute! Haha :) You're totally rocking the new style. Looove!


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