Friday, November 16, 2012

Friday's Letters

Linking up again with ASHLEY.

I love Fridays but every time I talk about Friday that awful Friday song by Rebecca Black  pops into my head and I lose a few brain cells. I wish I knew how to stop it but so far there is not a cure. If I just made you annoyingly sing or hum that song I am very very sorry. If you have never heard this song DO NOT google it.Do NOT listen to it. You will regret it.

Dear Eyes,
I am so over wearing contacts. I want to wake up and see 20/20.  the lenses in my glasses haven't been replaced in years and my eye sight has changed a lot. I have terrible vision! Without some kind of correction everything about a foot from my face and beyond is a giant blur. So if I want to take my contacts out I have to wear my glasses.  Since my lenses aren't up to date in my glasses they give me a huge headache when I wear them.  If only I had perfect vision....

Dear New Vision Plan,
You suck big time! Really? You only cover $35 of my lens cost? Really? How can our medical coverage be awesome but are NOT?!?  I have to have my lenses updated and it looks like I'll be paying a huge chunk of money to have it done. This is not okay with me!

Dear Coffee,
I'm not sure what it is but when it starts to get cold outside I drink more coffee. Every night around five I start craving it. This is not good. I've been trying to drink tea and not coffee. 1-because I'm trying to get pregnant and I shouldn't be consuming tons of caffeine and the tea I drink has less caffeine than my coffee. 2- because I load my coffee up with creamer and lots of sugar. In my tea I just add a splash of milk and a teeny bit of sugar...much healthier. Coffee craving go away!

Dear Sweet Bella,
Tomorrow you leave for doggy boot camp =(   I am going to miss you! A week is a long time. I am going to cry but I'll try to keep it together until I'm out of the building and in the car. Geez if it's this hard to be away from my pup for a week I don't think I can allow Noah to go away to college someday. I don't think my heart will be able to handle it.

Dear Thanksgiving,
Woohoo! I can't wait to see my family! Well most of them. I'm super bummed my brother can't be there but I'll see him and the rest of my family at Christmas. My sister and I have been our planning black Friday shopping trip. I don't care if we even buy anything, although you KNOW we will, I'm just thrilled we will get to hang out for a whole entire day! I'm gonna hug her lots!

I hope you all have a stress free and amazing weekend!


  1. I hadnt thought of that annoying song until just now - thanks very much now its stuck in my head lol.
    No coffee before bedtime or it will keep you awake all night too!

  2. Ugh I know what you mean about being sick of contacts. I've thought about getting lasik surgery buuuuut then I punk out lol.

    Check out Bonlook! They have really great deals for the whole package of eyeglasses and prescription lenses. Just go get your eyes checked, have your doctor right a prescrption and order online. The sale section is cheeeeap!

  3. As soon as I saw your blog in the Friday's Letters link-up, I knew I would like it. I love your blog name! There is something so riveting about it. Looking forward to reading more in the future.

    Newest follower!!!
    Silver from A Silver Snapshot


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