Tuesday, October 16, 2012

What color is the grass over there?

I started writing a post and then completely changed my train of thought when my husband messaged me. 
He said," Now I realize that "the grass isn't always greener" is true sometimes."

I responded with, "I don't think it's ever greener, just different shades of brown." lol

We have always made decisions based on reaching something bigger, something better, striving to get to where our life is what we hope and dream for it to be.

We moved here still chasing and reaching. Moving meant having the chance to expand our family, something we have wanted for a long time. Then we got here, settled in and are peeking over the fence back at Louisiana and everything we left behind.

I think I've realized that I need to keep my eyes on my side of the fence. I need to stop bashing our new home for what it isn't. I need to accept it and enjoy it for what it is.


  1. I know exactly what you mean!!
    I moved to Oklahoma thinking I would be back to Texas after I finished school but life happened and it looks like Oklahoma is my new home...for a long time. I found myself comparing the two states and always deeming Texas as the winner but now...I love Oklahoma :)

  2. Wow, you have no idea how much I needed to read something like this today! It has been one of those days here for sure. Tho, living in west Texas has me missing grass all together. Brown grass is better than desert dirt. But I need to stop focusing on how much I hate life here and just embrace the new scenery and money pit-house.

  3. I can definitely apply this to my life too. It's so true! When I was traveling abroad all summer, I was like "this is so much fun but I miss home and I can't wait to start my new degree in University"... and now that I'm back I wish I hadn't thought those thoughts even ONCE because I miss my travels terribly. I feel like our brains always yearn for something more. I'm not sure why! Point being I totally understand you, and I do hope that your new home is becoming more and more like your old one to you :)

  4. If the Army has taught me anything (really, it's taught me a lot) it's that you have to make the best of wherever you are. And that's not always just put on a smile and fake it, but really be happy regardless of where you live. I come across so many people who HATE it here in Alabama and they say it just like that. And I wonder...why? how? Why make your situation so much worse by having an attitude like that? Your husband is home. Your house is nice. Why focus on the negative? So I think your positive attitude with Illinois is probably from your time moving with the military. And if I remember correctly, you hated Naples but you still made the best of it. :)

    1. "Why make your situation so much worse by having an attitude like that? Your husband is home. Your house is nice. Why focus on the negative?"

      I mean that regards to the negative people here, not you. Hope it didn't come across that way. As I re-read it, I realized it sounded mis-directed. Haha!


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