Friday, October 19, 2012

Friday's Letters


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Dear Policeman, 
Thank you for following me almost all the way home and letting me think you might be thinking of pulling me over. You see we STILL have not registered our cars here. We are way over the time limit that you have to register your vehicle after you establish residency.  We have updated our insurance but just haven't done the registration. Every time I pass a cop I think, "Oh please don't pull me over!" I've never actually been pulled over...unless you count that time when I stole a van with my friends. Maybe I'll share that story with you tomorrow. I don't think that time really counts though because I was already parked and the cop just pulled up beside me....ANYWAY Thank you for continuing to ignore my out of state license plate day after day in this small town. I will get the problem taken care of soon...

Dear rude person in the parking lot,
This space is mine until I choose to vacate it. I will pull out of the space when I am good and ready to. Do not honk your horn at me! It does not make me want to go any faster. If anything it makes me want to go back in the store and shop some more leaving you to find another prime space to park in.

Dear Husband,
Thank you for letting me enroll Bella in doggie boot camp. I know it is crazy expensive, but it will be worth it. She needs it!If only they could teach her not to shed...that would be miraculous.

Dear Bella,
PLEASE succeed at boot camp. We will spend our Thanksgiving eating turkey and relaxing with family. You will receive a week of intense training in a top notch training facility. I will miss you terribly but it is necessary =(

Dear Winter,
I am still afraid of you. I'm afraid I will go sliding off the road and get stuck in a ditch. I will drive 2 mph everywhere I go to avoid this I guess. I am looking forwards to having some winter fun though. I saw this aisle at Walmart and became a little kid for a few seconds. We definitely don't have an aisle like this in Louisiana!

Dear Jessica (Sweet Green Tangerine),
Thank you for introducing me to the blogging world. Your blog was the first blog I have ever read. I'm so glad I decided to jump in there and start typing away. I am loving it =) Also, I miss you!!! A lot!!!


  1. Awww I'm so glad you decided to join! I sort of just pulled you in without warning didn't I? LOL I don't even exaggerate when I say it has changed my life for the better and helped me to discover so much about myself. I hope it does the same for you!
    And I miss you TOO!!

  2. I think I may have to come back tomorrow and read this story about you stealing a van ;)

  3. Oh my word!
    This just happened to me, too! I have my TX license plate, I've just been too lazy to put it on. I need to get on that, so I won't be terrified when I see a cop! Hooray for doggie boot camp. I think that's the only way to have a dog, get 'em trained! :) Hope she succeeds!

    Happy Friday!

  4. I'm scared for winter too. I hate driving in snow and ice but it's hard to avoid here in Canada!!

  5. I hate it when a cop drives behind me! Sometimes I turn earlier than planned just to get away from them! Ha!

    1. I do that too! Just turn and take an alternate route home lol

  6. I can't stand it when people honk their horns at me when I am leaving a parking space or about to leave. If that happens, I'll just turn on the radio and listen to music to piss them off. Does that make me a bad person lol?!

    1. Not at all! I mean you wouldn't stand outside of a bathroom you were waiting to use shouting, "HURRY UP!" would you? =) It's just rude. I just sat there a few moments longer and checked my email on my phone. lol

  7. Are you and Jessica real-life friends?! Cute little letter to her :)

    That policeman sounds like a jerk though. I wonder why he was following you!

    Also, why are you afraid of winter? Have you never experienced one yet? I think you'll find it both awesome and not awesome lol. Driving really isn't so bad though, don't worry :)

    1. We are real life friends lol. We met in Germany YEARS ago. Our husbands were both stationed there. We did deployments together, had babies together, and managed to stay in touch after all these years. =)

      I'm afraid of winter because I hate the cold! It gets cold in Louisiana, where I'm from, but no where near as cold as it will get here in Illinois. I'm sure I'll survive...maybe lol

  8. I totally agree with you! People who get rude while I am trying to back out of a stall in the parking lot!! SO RUDE.


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