Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Things Noah Says: Take 2

Noah was about to open his umbrella in the car. I told him he was going to poke his eye out and then he'd have to get a patch to put on his eye. He replied with:
If I get an eye patch people will think I'm tough. If they think I'm tough they'll want to see how tough. When they want to see how tough I'll wake up in a ditch.
Which he got from this commercial:

After school one day following the vacation day for Columbus Day...

Noah: Did you know yesterday was Columbus day?
Me: Yes
Noah: Well!!! Why didn't we celebrate? Like make a cake or something?
Me: Ummm I don't know?
Noah: Do you even know who Columbus was? He found America! That's where we live! Aaaand one of his boats sank! It was the santas marina! I can't believe we didn't celebrate.

I guess next year I'll have to make a cake...maybe even get balloons lol...and teach him the real names of the ships.

While driving in the car one day:

Noah: Did you know that Braden's brother is named after a radio station?
Me: I don't think he's named after a radio staion...
Noah: Yes he is. He has the same name as the K-Love station.
Me: Oh... well his name is Caleb...Not K-Love =)

I asked Noah if he cleaned his room and he said yes I promise. 

Me: Cross your heart? Hope to die? stick a needle in your eye?
Noah:  Why would you want to do all that mean stuff to me?


We were in the car with Noah's Great Grandma. She got her handicap sticker out and put it over the car mirror. Noah said:

Grandma has one of those because she's old. 

Noah sings a lot...often with the wrong words

Moves like Jagger

Noah sings: I've got the moves in my jacket
Actual song: I've got the moves like Jagger

The Hurt and the Healer Collide

Noah sings: It's the moment when humanity is overcome by manatees.
Actual song: It's the moment when humanity is overcome by majesty 

I sure hope humanity is never overcome by manatees... 

I love my funny little man.

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  1. OMG LMAO I am actually laughing out loud. The road side ditch thing... I watched the commercial and just died a little bit. Kids say the craziest things!


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