Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Delirium - Book Review


Delirium is a story set in a dystopian future. In Lena's time love is something to be feared. Love is something that needs to be cured. Thankfully the scientists have found a cure! It doesn't always work like it's supposed to, it is painful, but it will get rid of that nasty disease that is love. The story follows Lena as she struggles at first with the anticipation of receiving her cure and then, after she falls in love or is infected depending on which side you're on,  her fear of receiving the cure. The book is not just a love story but it also shows how without love the relationships we have with friends and family just aren't the same.

After you receive the cure you still keep your memories but you lose the emotional attachment you have to them. In part of the book Lena is thinking about how her life will be different after the cure, about how her relationships will change.

"Best friends for more than ten years and in the end it all comes down to the edge of a scalpel, to the motion of a laser beam through the brain and a flashing surgical knife. All that history and it's importance gets detached, floats away like a severed balloon. In two years - in two months - Hana and I will pass each other on the streets with nothing more than a nod - different people, different worlds, two stars revolving silently, separated by thousands of miles of dark space."

I kept thinking how sad her world was. How heartbreaking it would be to just be paired with someone for marriage. To be content but never truly happy. To not have the urge to hug or cuddle your children. This book is so entertaining. I spent way too much time just sitting on the couch reading because I had to find out what was going to happen next. AND the ending OH the ending...I'm not going to tell you what happens obviously, but it's a cliffhanger! You just have to go and read it. I really loved this book. I can't wait to get my hands on the next one!


  1. I love this book. I liked the sequel even more, but don't get too excited. The third one comes out in March and the end of Pandemonium is even more of a cliffhanger than Delirium!!
    Glad you liked it :)

  2. Hmm, this sounds similar to the Uglies series. Have you read that? I loved Uglies, so I'll have to give this series a try! Following you, too, now! So glad we found each other through the Book Swap. :)

  3. I LOVE this book!! The second one, in my opinion, is even BETTER. I still remember exactly how it ended because I just couldn't believe it. I can't WAIT for book 3. I'm going to devour it! lol

    1. *nodding along with everything Melissa is saying. She is the one who turned me onto this series.


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