Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Up to Wednesday

I've been reprimanded for throwing away Noah's school work. According to Noah if I don't KEEP all of it he will be SO mad at me. I keep the important and cute things. It's impossible to keep everything! He found something in the trash and was VERY upset about it. I guess from now on I'll have to not only make sure he isn't around when I dispose of the unnecessary papers but I'll also need to shove them to the bottom of the trash can...

Grandma Baker is visiting!

We took a trip to Petsmart to get Bella a new toy

While at Petsmart we saw these cute ferrets. Usually they just sleep but these little guys were wide awake and so funny! In one of the clips Noah tries to persuade me to buy one...or all three.  I don't think so buddy.

Trying to stay warm at soccer!

Mourning the loss of real tea. No one makes sweet tea like the south makes sweet tea!

LOVING my new boot cuffs

My brother in law's wife makes and sells tons of cute stuff! You can find her store's website HERE. She owns L & B creations. 

I just ordered these off white cuffs and head band...I can't wait for them to get here!

Telling Noah to stop doing this after school. I guess he hasn't gotten the message yet because it still happens everyday...

And drinking LOTS of hot chocolate because it is cccold!

Have a happy Wednesday!!! 


  1. Lol that's so cute he wants you to keep everything!! I wish it would get cold here so I can wear boots and drink hot chocolate! I just love cold weather <3

    xo, Heather

    1. I like the cold for a little bit...then it gets old =)
      I'd much rather be cozy and warm!

  2. My nephew is the saaaaame way! (He's my twin sisters son, so we're very close) ... . He gets his picture taken like 20 times during the year. He loves sports so thats the extra pictures.s And I'm running out of places to place them. ITs not that I want to throw them away, i just have no where to hang all of them.
    Thanks for making me feel like i'm not the only hoarder of papers!
    thank you so much for checking out my blog last week! Sorry it took me so long to reply. I've been negelcting my blog a little lately.
    Have a beautiful day!!

    1. I have a box I keep all the important stuff in. And I still go through that every now and then and toss stuff out!

      Don't worry about neglecting your gets in the way sometimes =)

  3. OMG Noah is seriously so cute! Look at that little face- and his 'don't throw anything away' comment?! To die for! lol. Love those boot cuffs though. Super cute. It's so cold here too, I'm LOVING the hot chocolate these days :D I must admit I miss it in the summer, ha.

    1. I think he's pretty cute too =)

      I like when it starts to get cold BUT I don't like to be outside for too long in it! It's been insanely windy lately too so that just makes it even colder...


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