Monday, August 26, 2013


So here's what has been happening around our house lately....

THIS happened!

Joey sent me a text one morning saying that someone ran into the back of the car. Poor car =(
It's been at the auto shop for a while now. They say we should have it back be September.It looks pretty bad so I'm sure it wasn't easy to fix. Joey started having back and neck pain so he had to go see a doctor. NOW he has to go twice a week to a chiropractor. I'm just glad the other guy had insurance because I'm sure fixing the damage is going to be costly. I'm also glad the Noah wasn't in the car AND that I wasn't in the car. That would have been an immediate trip to the ER for me and the baby. Hopefully we'll have it back soon...maybe they'll wash it too? =)

This mess...

Became THIS...

It took a lot of time, sweat, frustration, complaining, and work to get it done. It was a nightmare. I worked on it a little bit everyday and now finally it's all cleaned up. Maintaining the yard here has been a pain in my you know what. There are just SO MANY plants and flowers...and weeds. I think it's a little comical that I've ALMOST got everything finished and soon it will be fall and all of it will need trimming. Oh well.... =)

Noah had a big moment!

He FINALLY lost a tooth. He'll be 8 in December and all of his friends have been going toothless for a while now. He's been pretty sad about it. At his lats dentist visit the dentist told us that his adult teeth just hadn't come down far enough yet to let those baby teeth know it's time to move on out. We just had to wait. Then he came downstairs one day and proudly showed me his wiggly tooth as I tried my hardest not to be grossed out. Wiggly teeth creep me out! I did a good job though and kept a smile on my face. I asked him if he wanted me to pull it while secretly hoping he would say no lol. He did say no. Thank you Noah! About two days later he pulled it himself.
Now the tough part comes. Noah's mouth is very small. His bottom teeth are already crowded. At his next dental appointment they'll look at the teeth he has lost and determine which ones to pull to make space for his adult teeth. Then once to adult teeth are coming in some of those will have to come out as well because they just won't all fit. THEN braces. I feel awful because I went through all of that. =(

This doggy...

is driving my insane. She's been shedding a lot more than usual. I clean the floors at least three times a day. I thought that maybe it was just because it's hot out so she's shedding her extra fur. Then she started scratching like crazy. My first thought was, "Oh no she has fleas!" but we give her flea medicine every month and I've checked her several times. No fleas. She's also only scratching her face, legs, and paws. I remembered that last year around this time she started doing the same thing. Did you know dogs can have seasonal allergies? Well they can. I really think it might just be that. I'm taking her to the vet though because her itching is getting out of control and I can tell she's not happy. Hopefully they can give her something that will help =(


  1. Yeah for losing teeth! My oldest was one of the last of her friends to lose the first tooth and it was awful.

    My grandma's old dog had that problem too. They said he had "sensitive skin" and gave her some cream and a list of foods to avoid. I never knew dogs could have sensitive skin.

    Good luck!

  2. I think one of our dogs gets allergies too... he goes through these periods where he does nothing but sneeze and scratches his face - silly dogs haha

    I'm sorry about your car! :(


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