Tuesday, August 13, 2013

..end of my rope.

I want someone to tell me how to get a child to listen. So far I'm not having much luck. Lately it seems everything is a battle and I'm losing. I think we are going on a record number of days that Noah has been grounded. It's really ridiculous. This is summer. He should be outside playing but instead he chooses to misbehave and gets grounded.

It always starts with something small. I've asked him to clean up or to stop doing something. Somehow it snowballs into an argument over why he doesn't want to do it and why I say he has to do it. I'M the GROWNUP! When did I lose control? When did he stop just doing what I tell him to do because he's the kid and I'm the mom? By the end of the night I've run out of things to take away from him.

I need more tools. I need Supernanny. I need someone to say do this (and have it work). I don't like going to bed frustrated and angry that I can't figure it out. I just want him to listen to me. This has to stop. I spend the most time with Noah because I'm home all of the time. Once Emily is here I simply will not be able to constantly argue with him while trying to take care of her when it's just the three of us. It just won't work.

Today we are making a list of his rules to hang up. Maybe if he can SEE them he'll be more likely to follow them. Today we are making a list of his consequences for NOT listening...NEW consequences because obviously just losing things he likes isn't working.

Wish me luck....


  1. Good luck! You can do this, we have mama super powers! (even sometimes I feel like I must have misplaced them!) The only thing that has worked with my son (tho he's a bit younger than Noah) is a three strikes and you're out rule. That way he gets warnings so the first time I tell him to do something, it's not a fight, it's just a warning. It seems to work most of the time! :) If you figure out something to resonates with Noah, let me know as I will want to try it out too! :)

  2. oh the joys of parenting! Everyone prepares you for the cute stuff with a newborn, but no one can prepare you for when your kid doesn't listen!

  3. I know how you feel. Writing down rules and consequences worked with my oldest but not her brother. I've been having some of the same thoughts. My grandpa would have had my butt if I would have argued with him like they do with me. Taking away privileges and tv time has worked lately but it seems each punishment only works for so long.

    I'm hoping most of the bad behavior is just because summer is winding down and they are feeling restless. Hopefully when school starts again and there's more routine it'll level out...??? Good luck!

  4. Nooo, don't tell me that. The only things that work are telling him "no dessert" or "no toys" or "no tv tonight." If those things stop working, I will tear out all of my hair!

    That's such a great idea with the rules and consequences. I bought a dry-erase chore chart at Target that I've been meaning to start using. Maybe if I give him something to accomplish, with appropriate little rewards, it will help him to listen better!!!

  5. Boo, I'm sorry you've been having such a hard time! Hope it gets better <3


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