Thursday, May 23, 2013

The Room!

I'm starting to feel anxious and overwhelmed. When I was pregnant with Noah we had an ultrasound at every visit (Thank You Germany). We found out he was a boy at about 16 1/2 weeks. This time we didn't find out Emily was Emily until about 20 weeks. With Noah I started buying things and fixing his room up right away. Today I can say I have a chair for Emily's room and that's it. I know I still have plenty of time but it FEELS like it's right around the corner and I feel unprepared.

I know what I want her room to look like... I just need to get started!

Pinterest is my favorite place to find inspiration. I know I want her room to be grey, yellow, and pink.

Pinterest Image
Via Pinterest via alexislrobbins
Via Pinterest via

I know I want a wall tree like one of these.... BUT I don't want to spend a fortune on it. I'd love to be able to find a stencil and paint it on the wall. I'm worried a decal might peel off after a while and I really don't think I can free hand it.

Via Pinterest via

Via pinterest via

I bought this chair for $5...FIVE DOLLARS!!! I replaced the buttons with grey buttons, painted all of the wood portions grey, and added pink ribbon trim to the cushions. I absolutely love it. It is super comfortable and I love just looking at it.

I found the curtains I want to get so that's next on my list...along with the crib because I think that's pretty important too =)

I'll feel so much better when the room is finished.


  1. If Pinterest would have been around when I was pregnant I probably would have drove my husband crazy! I love the pink, grey and yellow color scheme too. We made the mistake of painting our daughter's room yellow when she was a baby and when the sun would shine in her windows in the morning it lit up the walls like a strobe light. That first summer she was up at 5:30am all the time.

  2. I love that chair! And I second wishing pinterest would have been around when I was pregnant or when I was getting married!

  3. You will get there dont stress! That chair is a bargain at $5 what a great find :)

  4. Thank God for Pinterest, so much inspiration there! You still have plenty of time, have fun with it! :)


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