Thursday, May 30, 2013

The Book Chat - Cookbooks


Today Jessica has asked us to share our favorite cookbooks. 

I was at Joeys grandmas house one day looking at her cookbooks. I found this one and it had so many great recipes in it. She told me she bought it just a few days before at Family Dollar. When I left her house I stopped by the store and found one of my own AND for only FIVE bucks! I'm sure this was because the book was a few years old...but I didn't care!

I love this cookbook. It's meant to be a holiday cookbook but I make things out of it all the time. There are some amazing entrees in here.

Just like Jessica mentioned in her post. My food never comes out looking as nice as the pictures...
I read somewhere once that after they prepare the food they pretty it up with shiny sprays and sometimes glue to hold things together. It has to look picture perfect! When they're done it's pretty inedible. So if your food looks crappy but tastes amazing don't worry about it. =)  


  1. I heard the same thing about the food in cookbooks, they have their own food stylists and everything!

  2. I've heard that too! I read a lot about food photography last year and I was surprised at the amount of staging that goes on. We go by the theory that as long as it tastes good we'll ignore how it looks. I like older cookbooks better most of the time. The recipes are usually pretty simple and have ingredients that I am familiar with. $5 is a steal!

  3. If you ever see a picture of spaghetti, you'll notice that they never show the ends of the spaghetti. Isn't that weird? I watched a video showing a food stager once and I always remembered that, so now I try to find the ends of the spaghetti in pictures.

    There's your random knowledge of the day.


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