Thursday, May 2, 2013

The Book Chat - Book Hangovers


I'm co-hosting the book chat again today with Jessica. Today we are discussing book hangovers....

My most recent hangover was not caused by an unfortunate mix of margaritas, cosmos, and beer. It was caused by a book. An amazing heartbreakingly beautiful book. That book was My Name is Memory.

You may have a book hangover if you experience one or more of the following symptoms after finishing a great book:

* Inability to REALLY sit down and enjoy a new book
* Thinking about the previous books characters at odd times
* Wondering if you can somehow obtain the authors phone number and call repeatedly until they give you the answers you need
* Wanting to add the book to a list of great books to re-read but not knowing if your heart or mind can handle it
* Judging new books based on the just read book

If you find that you are suffering from a book hangover I really don't have any advice.... But at least you know you have one right?

I've read a few books since I put My Name is Memory down on that cold tearful late night. My mind is just too preoccupied thinking about it to enjoy a new book. I KNOW some of the books I just finished are GREAT I just can't feel them the way I should. I don't have the drive to review them like I normally would. 

I think in my case it might be best to take a step back for a minute. I'll finish up the few library books I have here. Then I'll re-visit some old favorites. They sit on my shelves like old friends. I know what to expect of them. They won't require too much thought from me because I know them well. They will aid in my recovery until I'm over this hangover. They'll help me until I can read again and give the new books the attention that they deserve.

Do you have a book hangover? Have you had one in the past? Which book left you shattered? 

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  1. I like to revisit old favorites too. I seen the messages that you and Jessica had written about My Name Is Memory and I "want" to read it but I know I'm not at the emotional point where I could handle it. I do love a good hangover though :)

  2. HA! I love your list of symptoms! Especially the one about wanting to call the author!

  3. "Book hangover." Haha I love this idea! Great link-up topic. :)


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