Monday, May 20, 2013

Museum Madness

I've been to art museums before but never a museum with really cool exhibits and lots of fun things to do. When Noah told me his class was going to this great museum in Milwaukee of course I volunteered right away to help out.

Things I learned on this trip:
1. As a chaperon you probably won't REALLY get to enjoy the museum.
2. You will spend most of your time trying to yell quietly at the children in your group to stop touching things and constantly count heads to be sure you haven't lost someone.
3. If someone in your group happens to touch a dinosaur bone a VERY loud alarm will sound. Lights will begin flashing and people will stare at you as you shuffle your group quickly away....
4. If the same kid who touched the dino bone also tries to climb into an exhibit the same scenario will occur... Why did I get stuck with this kid?
5. No matter how many bathroom breaks you take someone will always have to go when the bathrooms are very far away. Running is not allowed in the museum but fast walking is okay...sort of.

Noah was so sweet. When we got on the bus I could hear him telling kids, "No I'm saving this seat for my mom." I love this guy =)

All craziness aside it was a pretty fun trip. I plan on taking Noah back one day so we can look at everything. We only had about 3 hours there and that really was not long enough. We had to choose a few things that everyone wanted to see and really focus on those areas.

They didn't allow flash photography of any kind inside so a lot of my pictures came out kind of yucky.

They had a pretty cool dinosaur exhibit complete with gruesome T-Rex eats a poor dinosaur model.

My favorite part was the butterfly room. You go inside and there are tons of butterflies flying around. If you stand really still they might even land on you!

They had a very small mummy exhibit. That was probably good though because it freaked the kids out.

There was a streets of Europe area which I LOVED! We bought candy from the German candy shop. The kids loved it.

We saw LOTS of animal exhibits from places all around the world.

Finally it was time to round up the children and head home. Most of the kids fell asleep...thankfully =)
Noah napped for a teeny tiny bit.

It was a REALLY long day and when we got home I fell asleep right away. We will definitely go back again someday.


  1. I love trips to the museum! The mummy exhibit would kind of freak me out too. We head to the zoo next week, wish me luck!

  2. Looks like an interesting adventure! I rememember going when I was in school and was a little scared of some of the displays :)

  3. I love trips to the museum but you should get a special badge of honor for doing it with a group of kids! haha


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