Wednesday, May 8, 2013

I call a do-over!

I normally don't swear but if I did now would be the time to do it.

I really need a do-over right now. It's been a while since I've ranted about living here. Oh, I complained about the cold weather a lot but I've tried to remain pretty positive about our new home in Illinois. That positiveness is fading fast. It's pretty non existent at the moment. I'm feeling pushed over the edge. If I can't go back and stop the move all together I'd at least like to go back and not buy this house. There isn't one big issue on its own that is stressing me out. It's all these little things that when put together are really frustrating me. I wish you could get refunds on house purchases!

The house is big but our furniture does not fit in here the way we thought it would...When house shopping ALWAYS bring a measuring tape and furniture measurements!

The A/C unit seems to be too small for the house. The upstairs was HOT last summer and I'm sure it will be this year too. We HAVE to get ceiling fans put in the two smaller rooms up there. It is just unbearable. The downstairs has to be freezing for the upstairs to be even a little comfortable. 

The great humidifier attached the the heater in the basement just leaks everywhere so we weren't able to use that for the winter. We need to get it fixed before next winter though. Running small humidifiers every night was a pain. 

BUGS! Oh geez the bugs! In Louisiana we barely ever saw a bug inside. Once or twice we saw a nasty roach that found his way indoors but for the most part our home was a bug free zone. I am about to lose my mind. We see spiders ALL the time. The other day I was not so pleasantly surprised by one on the toilet paper roll AS I reached for the toilet paper. I honestly thought I was going to die of a heart attack. We keep seeing wasps in our family room. I really can't take it anymore. I want to find all of the wasps and spiders and crush their happy little bug families and ruin all of their happiness. We are bug bombing the house next weekend. If that doesn't work I'm calling an exterminator ASAP.

There is this annoying pipe in the basement that makes an awful kerrrrrTHUNK sound. It does it when we run the water. OR it does it at 5:30 am when no one is running water. It will do it for an hour over and over again. It's SO loud!

We're finding cracks in a lot of the walls. Having a back ground in real estate I know that cracks can be nothing OR they can be BAD news. It looks like some of them were sanded over and painted. It doesn't sit well with me.

Our water turns orange when they flush the fire hydrants. I can deal with that because we have notice and know not to wash clothes or anything during that time. However it also turns orange at random times. There is nothing more pleasant than filling up the bath to take a nice relaxing soak only to find orange rust colored water in the tub. Our neighbors have said the water system is super old here. We do only pay about $40 a month for water. BUT I'd rather pay more and have nice clean running water all of the time. 

If we knew all of this I really doubt we would have signed those papers but we did. Now we have to deal with it....

I think in hindsight we should have expected more to be wrong than we initially found in our home inspection. Our inspector found a lot of issues with the house but they were all things that could be fixed and the sellers did fix most of them. In the future when we buy a house if the report comes back with lots of things wrong I think it'll be easier for us to walk away knowing that there could be so many more issues than what is in the report. At the time we were living in that tiny rental townhouse with the leaking ceiling in the closet. We were cramped, unhappy, and ready to just MOVE on. I think we rushed things. Next time we will be more patient.

I'm longing to have my old house back. I want my big screened in back patio. I want my kitchen counter space with endless supply of cabinets. It was a smaller house. It was an older house. BUT I felt connected to it in a way I do not feel with this one.

For now I guess we'll just tough this out and hope things improve.


  1. I know exactly what you mean. We bought our first house just to get out of our horribly crappy apartment at the same time we were getting married. We just wanted to be somewhere. It had the cracked walls and oddly shaped rooms and funny city water.

    I hope things get better. I've seen a lot of wasps this year too and bug bombing worked for far. {{Hugs!}}

  2. Aw I know exactly how you feel. We rushed and bought this house right after I had my first son. We were panicked and ready to get out of the place we were in and move into a house with more space. But if I could go back, we definitely would have looked around more and taken our time. This house has been nothing but a headache!

    Big hugs to you, hopefully you can at least take care of the bug problem and make it more bearable! Hang in there!


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