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Reviewing- East of the Mountains and The Key to Rebecca

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This book fulfilled the "choose a book set in the state you were born in" category for the Winter Book Challenge
East of the Mountains is a story about a man dying of cancer. He doesn't want to wait for the cancer to kill him ans decides to take one last hunting trip. At the end of the trip he plans to kill himself. He has everything planned out. On his journey to end his life his plan gets messed up more than a few times and he finds himself questioning his decision.

This book was hard for me to really get interested in. I was of course interested in whether or not he would go through with his plan. That's what really kept me reading. He used a lot of hunting, physician, and hiking lingo that I was not familiar with. I would read several pages and then go back and re read them because I had no idea what he was talking about. I think that's what kept me from really enjoying the book. 

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This book fulfilled the "choose a book that was written in the decade you were born in" category for the Winter Book Challenge

The Key to Rebecca is set in 1942. The German Marshall Rommel seems to be unbeatable. His secret weapon is a spy named Alex Wolf. Major Vandam has been tracking Wolf for quite some time and would like nothing better than to stop him from helping the Germans. We meet Sonja a sultry belly dancer, Elene an Egyptian Jew who uses her good looks to get men to provide for her, and lots of other sneaky backstabbing characters. 

I really didn't expect to like The Key to Rebecca as much as I did. I don't normally read mystery books. At first I was a little overwhelmed by all of the characters in the story. After I was able to keep everyone straight (who was good, who was bad, and most of the time who was supposed to be good but turned out to be bad!) I couldn't stop reading. One minute Vandam is so close to catching Wolf and the next his efforts seem hopeless. The story really picks up near the middle and keeps throwing twists and turns at you until the very end.

Maybe now I like mysteries?

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