Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Christmas is coming!

Christmas will be here before we know it. Thankfully we are almost done Christmas shopping. The gifts we have left are for those oh so hard to buy for people. We've been decorating, wrapping, and planning. I can not wait to see our families! Trust me I am counting down the days! Christmas is absolutely my favorite time of year. I love unpacking the decorations and remembering that the little snowman candy dish was one of the first things I bought for our first apartment at Christmas time or flipping through the old Christmas books and remembering when my mom read them to me.  I think this Christmas will be a little more hectic than the last few but I don't care one bit.

I drew the Santa chair for him...or tried to.

I think Bella is tired of posing for photos...



  1. So pretty! I do so love Christmas.
    I really love your son's wish list.
    It is really fun to look back over the years at what they wanted.
    Be sure to keep it. :)

  2. Ooooh, your home is so nice and festive! I love the holidays too, and all the extra family time I get in. I must admit it's the worst when you work in retail (and can often ruin the experience a bit) but I try and make the best of it anyway!


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