Thursday, January 17, 2013

The Book Chat-Pet Peeves


Linking up for The Book Chat with Jessica from Sweet Green Tangerine and her co-host Miss Brighton from Dear Brighton to share our book pet peeves.

1. Food on library book pages. Ew. Ew. Ew. There is nothing more disgusting than being really involved in a good book when you turn the page and... What is that? A dry giant booger? Maybe a bit of casserole? It's covering some of the words! try not to touch it while reading! Yuck I touched it! I've been contaminated!
Would the library mind if I used some Lysol spray on the page?

2. Being overly descriptive. It is really hard for me to stay interested in a book when the author goes on and on describing something. By the time I'm on the second page of you describing the cool morning air you've lost me. I'm probably just skimming the page by now and debating just putting the book down.

3. Please don't talk to me while I'm reading. I can't really listen to you and read at the same time. If it appears I'm listening to you I'm probably pretending. In a few minutes I will say, "Huh?" and you will have to start all over again. Just wait until I'm finished.

4. REALLY long chapters! I can not put a book down in the middle of a chapter. It's a minor illness I'm sure. When I read a book that has really long chapters I find myself speed reading and not really absorbing the information because it's way past my bedtime and I MUST finish the chapter before I can go to sleep. 

5. Misleading book covers. I know. I know. Don't judge a book by its cover. I don't, but when I'm reading a book I expect whatever is on the cover to be somehow related to the book. If I'm reading a book and there is say a horse on the cover and I get to the end of the book without reading anything about a horse...that is going to bother me.

6. Abrupt endings. I think the biggest letdown is when I see there are only a few pages left and nothing is really being resolved. I need closure! I need to know how everything ends up. Don't leave me hanging. Unless you are writing a sequel...that I will forgive.

Sorry if this contains many many typos. I'm in a hurry but had to link up! What a great topic!
And I'm off to a doctors appointment...Kindle in hand. Hopefully I don't run in to any of my pet peeves.


  1. lol We share many of the same pet peeves.
    Glad you could link up today!

  2. I HATE abrupt endings in novels! It's the worst. Authors really need to think out their endings as they are the last impressions we get!


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