Thursday, January 3, 2013

Christmas 2012 Recap #2

And then there was Christmas eve and Christmas day. Christmas back home is always a hectic but fun day. 

Noah sprinkled his reindeer food on the lawn.

He left the cookies out for Santa.

Santa left a mess when he came down the chimney!

We had Christmas #1 at my mom's house.

Noah's cousin Jacob gave him some home made money...My sister gave him a lesson in how forgery is wrong lol.

We had Christmas #2 at my dad's house. There were plans to shoot guns and all that redneck nonsense but it was pouring rain...

Christmas #3 was held at Joey's aunt's house. There are always so many people here the room is filled with gifts and wrapping paper. Opening all of those presents takes a very long time.

The night ended with a hilarious game of Hedbanz. If your kids do not have this game you need to go get it immediately. I really think me and Joey enjoy playing it more than Noah. It is impossible to play without laughing. They also make an adult version and a Disney version. Noah received the Disney version for Christmas but we have not played it yet.


  1. LoL love that your sister gave Jacob a lesson about forgery! too funny! Glad your Holidays went well! Happy New Years :)

  2. It looks (and sounds!) like you had a super fun Christmas :) It's so strange seeing no winter jackets or snow... I've never had a Christmas like that!


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