Monday, January 14, 2013

Thank you winter.

It seems Illinois is easing us into the winter weather. I've been told that winter is not normally like this. Usually they have more snow by now. I am grateful. We did get some snow over the weekend. We spent a lot of time outside playing with Bella. She LOVES the snow! She just runs and runs. Occasionally she stops to eat the snow or just put some in her mouth and throw it in the air.

I finally bought snow boots. They are super warm and comfy. Noah loves his snow pants. He calls them farmer pants lol. He does look kind of like a farmer...

You know you're from the south when you head up north and have fun watching the snowplows go down the street. lol

I FINALLY finished buying pieces for our fireplace mantle. I love it so much! I'll share all of the super cute stuff with you tomorrow.

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