Tuesday, January 15, 2013

It all comes together...

I finally finished buying pieces for the mantle. I didn't want to just buy stuff to fill the space. I wanted to LOVE what was up there. So little by little it all came together.


I made the two signs that are above the t.v. The rest of the stuff, except for the t.v. of course, came from either Ross or TJ Maxx. I am not into spending a ton of money on anything. If you're patient and willing to spend some time looking these stores have great deals!

The 2 birds are HEAVY, great quality, and so cute. They were only $4 each!
The box is actually a drawer organizer $4
The balls in the box $3 for 6...not sure what I'll do with the other 2.
Candle with base $4
Each of the glass vases were $6
The dried stuff that smells AMAZING in the vases were $5 each
The bowl the flowers are in $2!!! It was in the kitchen zone. I love it =)
I already had the fake flowers. I got them from Walmart a long time ago for about $6

That's 45 DOLLARS! 
It could have been so much more than that...

I like to walk in the room and just look at all of it. It's so colorful and happy. 

Still need to hide those t.v. cords...

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  1. I love the name photography! I'm hoping for one as a wedding gift.


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