Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Why the human race still exists.

Why have we survived so long? I'll tell you why. I'd like to call it Pregnancy Labor Recovery Amnesia.

It's amazing how quickly we forget all of the bad stuff.
We forget how awful the morning sickness is. We forget the aches and pains of pregnancy.
We forget the insane pains of labor. Even now I can't really remember exactly what contractions feel like even though I know they are B-A-D. We forget the tearing and the stretching. We forget how uncomfortable stitches are. We forget all of the gross things that happen to our bodies after we have the baby.

We forget so easily.
If we didn't no woman would ever have a second baby. She'd demand to have her tubes tied and make her husband have a vasectomy just to be safe.

Perhaps this is why most first time moms are so surprised by it all. Their friends didn't say it could be that bad! Second time moms are easily fooled by their memory. I know I was. I kept thinking my recovery with Emily was SO bad. Much worse than with Noah. Then I sat down and really thought about it. I realized it was pretty much the same. I just forgot how bad it was.

There has to be something in our brain that says, "Okay it's been a while. Let's wipe her memory clean of all the not pleasant parts. Soon she'll see a tiny baby. Soon she'll see a tiny pair of newborn socks. If she forgets all the bad stuff she'll want a baby!"

It doesn't help that babies smell so good. What is that smell? How do they smell like that?
Why does it go away? =(
I wish I could bottle that baby smell up and keep it forever.

We are done done done having babies in this house. My brain hasn't been wiped clean yet lol. We knew two was the number for us. We have a boy. We have a girl. I do not want to be pregnant or give birth ever again. Joey had a vasectomy shortly after Emily was born. There will definitely not be anymore babies. Even if I get a little sad sometimes when I see how big Emily is getting already. Even if I smell her tiny baby head and wonder how much longer she'll keep that baby smell. I know I just do not want to go through all of it again.

I'll leave the procreating to the rest of you...


  1. We knew after baby #3 that we were done too. The backseat is full!

    I agree about the amnesia. I remember it being bad but not exactly how bad until I was doing it again. And the it gets easier? Big fat lie! I just waited longer to go to the hospital each time.

  2. I haven't birthed my second yet, but I feel like I could have 2 more. Am I crazy? I'm voting yes! Haha

  3. haha this made me laugh, though I'm sure I won't be laughing if I ever go through this haha


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