Monday, January 6, 2014

A letter to the dog...

Dear Bella,

So you've noticed by now that we have an extra person in our house. People come to visit a lot but this noisy little one is here to stay. Let me start by saying I am so so so sorry about your new state of neglect. I'm pretty sure you've forgotten what a walk is. Not that you'd want to go anyway in these sub zero temperatures. Your days of napping on the couch with me followed by a nice long belly rub have taken a back seat to feeding, changing, and entertaining this new little one. I PROMISE I will make more time for you. I really do feel awful about it.

I love that you love Emily as much as we do. Let's try to keep the face licking to a minimum though...okay? I like seeing you lay next to her while she plays. She loves to watch you. Look out though, soon she'll be crawling after you in hopes of tugging on a soft ear or two. It's very sweet to see you sleep by her crib. I can tell you've already decided that she is part of your pack.

Once the weather is nicer I see lots of stroller walks with you. Please be patient with me while I try to balance all of this newness. At least no one has forgotten to feed you.... Also? Enjoy the nice quiet uninterrupted naps while you can... =)


  1. aww this is really cute! Bella must be a really great dog :)

  2. Dude, I love this! Really, really love this <3

  3. Beautiful Bella, so loyal and will protect your family to the very end, so long as she get some cuddles occassionally too! x


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