Friday, January 10, 2014

To do...

I have a constant to do list running through my head. It seems like it never gets shorter. As soon as something is mentally checked off something else gets added. Most days nothing gets checked off and more items are added. A lot of it is every day stuff. You know... dishes, laundry, vacuum...
I just can't find time to get any of it done. My day pretty much goes feed Emily, burp Emily, change Emily, play with Emily, and put Emily to sleep. Put that on replay. Play it all day.

I'm not complaining. I LOVE the time I have with her. I'd just also like to get some stuff done. Usually when she's asleep I rush to do the necessary things like shower and eat. Somehow I'll find a way to complete my to do list.

1. Remove pictures from iPhone. I have no more storage space. My computer tells me transferring all of my photos will take 5 hours and 30 minutes! That can't be right... I need my phone. I don't have that kind of time.

2. Finish our bedroom. The master bedroom is the ONE room that isn't decorated.

3. Get the stuff to make the ottoman for the living room...then make it.

4. Take Bella to the vet! She's needed shots since November...

5. Put pictures in out empty frames.

6. Exercise!

7. Clean the house. REALLY clean it. I'm talking wipe the walls, clean the baseboards, clean the appliances...

8. Reorganize Noah's room. All of the birthday and Christmas gifts are just kind in his room in the corners of the room. They don't really have a place in the room yet.

There are other little things but these are the ones I really really really need to get done. I guess until I find time to do any of it I'll just stare at this cute squishy baby face. =)


  1. My to do list is super long too, and while I don't have a super adorable baby to play with I am aiming to finish the entire Angel series before I go back to work!

  2. Have you considered doing your photo transfer overnight? That way you won't miss out on your phone so much!

  3. Rewards at the end of to do lists or hard projects is always a good idea to motivate :)

  4. My to-do list is so long too! so bad haha


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