Thursday, January 2, 2014

3 Months- Emily

Can she really be 3 months old? Time is going by so fast! Not that I want to go back and relive the first few weeks. Those weeks were BRUTAL. I like where we are now. I know what to expect from her and she knows what to expect from me. Her personality is coming out more and more every day. She's a funny, crazy, and impatient baby. If she wants something you better get it NOW or she'll let you know right away that she's not happy about your decision to make her wait 2 seconds.  She has the cutest little squishy cheeks. I love to see her smile. We're still waiting to hear her laugh. I love this little baby!

Noah holding Emmy when we got home from the hospital and at 3 months!

New things-She likes to blow spit bubbles...and wipe them all over our shirts. She likes to chew on our shoulders when we carry her around. I go through a lot of t-shirts! Her cries are easier to read now. She makes this funny little Wah! Wah! sound when she's alone in a room. It's her calling out to see if anyone will come in the room lol.

Nicknames- Piglet. Emmy. Little Chomp Chomp

Sleeping- Eh.... She does okay. At night she sleeps for 4-5 hours, wakes up, eats, goes back to sleep for about 3-4 hours, wakes up, eats, and goes back to sleep for 2-3 hours. She normally starts her day around 7am. Naps are iffy. Sometimes she'll nap for an hour or two and sometimes only for 30 minutes.
I'm going to start sleep training with her so I'm sure I have some long nights ahead of me. Normally when she wakes up that first time at night we put her in bed with us. I can tell it's already starting to become a habit for her. The long naps we get out of her are the ones that I lay down in the bed and nap with her. So I see that she's liking sleeping in the bed with us and not wanting her crib. So once operation Emily sleeps in the crib begins I just have to stick with it until she's used to spending the night and naps in her crib.

Likes- Her farm toy ~ Noah had the same toy. I got rid of it.... I searched and searched for a new one for Emily only to find that they don't make them anymore. Luckily I found one on Ebay!
Being carried around the house ~ She LOVES to be involved in everything we do.

Dislikes- Being in the car seat! ~ Actually sitting in the seat is fine. It's the buckling in part that she hates. Any time she feels like her movement is being restricted she screams. That makes for really loud car rides.
Sling ~ I have a sling that I started using with Noah when he was about her age. I thought it would be great since she loves being carried around the house...nope. It's the restriction thing again. As soon as shes in it and starts to wiggle around she wants out. I'm hoping it's just a phase. She also hates having her hair washed!

Recently- Emily had her 2 month checkup (last month of course) THAT didn't go well. She's perfectly healthy and everything but a 2 month checkup means shots. She didn't handle them well at all. She had a slight fever which wasn't too bad. Her attitude was AWFUL. If she was a wake she was the grumpiest baby in the world. I could tell she just didn't feel good. The angry monster Emily lasted about 2 weeks. Two very long weeks.
Falling ~ Emily "falls" a lot! It's called the Moro Reflex. Her doctor explained that something in their brain tells them they are falling and that's normally when babies startle them selves awake. Emily does it when she falls asleep in the car or in the swing. One minute she's sleeping peacefully and the next her arms are thrown out, eyes wide,and she's screaming. It's a terrible, sad, help me cry. Hopefully this reflex fades away soon!

She keeps me SO busy all day and night but I love it. I can't believe how much she's already changed!


  1. She's such a cutie!! I love her hair. They just keep on growing faster and faster!

  2. She is so sweet! I love her dark hair. I'm a sucker for dark haired baby girls. ;)

  3. she's growing into such a cute little girl!


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