Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Too much nature!

Nature is beautiful...sometimes. There is entirely too much nature going on in my back yard at the moment. I've never seen so many creatures in such a small amount of time before! Some of them I'm okay with...others not so much.

In the last 3 weeks we've seen:

A turtle. Bella stood at the door whining FOREVER because she wanted to go check it out.

Numerous frogs. There is a pond in the corn field behind our house so we see them all of the time. Joey hates frogs. He's not happy about this. They like to hang out on the outside of our sliding glass doors at night. We have a check before you open the door frogs coming inside thanks.

Spiders. Spiders. Spiders.

Baby squirrels. Super cute! Bella thought they'd make a nice snack though. She hasn't gotten any of them thankfully. Anytime we've seen her attempting to catch one she's been in trouble. No being mean to cute baby squirrels!

Grasshoppers. Where did these things come from? They are everywhere!!!!

A raccoon. Joey thought at first it was a big cat. Nope.

Lots of birds. They like to sit in the bushes around our yard. Bella sits on the deck and waits until the bushes are packed with birdies. Then she races through the bushes, flushing them out, and watched them all fly away.

I can always tell when something new has ventured into the yard no matter how small. Bella will race around the house crying and begging to go out. Her tail wags and her body wiggles. That means THERE IS SOMETHING OUT THERE AND I NEED TO GO GET IT!

I have a small zoo in my yard.

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  1. Your not kidding about the frog! We have a pond behind our house too and we have them on our doors. It freaks me out.


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