Monday, September 23, 2013

Blogtember - Life Lately- Where is this baby?

Today's prompt is "life lately".........

Well all I've been doing lately is waiting for this baby to get here. My due date is 5 days away! Our bags have been packed and re-packed. The house has been cleaned and cleaned and cleaned because I can't stop cleaning. All of her baby gear is assembled and ready to be used. Still we wait.

We talked a little bit about whether or not we would induce if we got to my due date or PLEASE NO if I go over my due date. I have really mixed feelings about it. I'm so done being pregnant. I'd love to just do an induction and have it be over with. However I keep thinking back to when I was induced with Noah. My body reacted really quickly to the Pitocin. Faster than even the doctors expected. There was no slow building of contractions for me. Just all of a sudden blinding pain. They were so strong so immediate that Noah didn't have time to adjust to them either. His heart rate dropped a little every time. That left me stuck in the bed, being monitored, with an uncomfortable oxygen mask. It was scary. It was far from what I expected, as most births are. 

So for now we're going to wait and if we get to the point where induction is unavoidable we'll talk more about what our options are. 

Until then...we just wait and wait and wait =)

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  1. Wheeeeee. Your life will be changing for the better pretty soon :)


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