Friday, September 20, 2013

The comfort of the word "No"

A while ago we were notified that an opportunity opened up for us to possibly move back to Louisiana. If you don't already know this: Our family and friends are all back home in LA. We moved here, to Illinois, last year. Pretty much from the time we got here we've been dying to get back home.

The details of this possible move were already really iffy. So many things would have had to fall perfectly in place for it to work out. The dates of the move were the scariest part. My due date is the 28th of this month. The original selection date for the position would have been September 1st. The job would begin October 1st. THAT was cutting it extremely close.

I was so overwhelmed with the stress of the situation. We would have to quickly get the house ready to sell, make the move, get Noah enrolled in school, find a new doctor immediately, all while I'm extremely pregnant. I cried every time I thought about it. OF COURSE I want to be back in LA. The timing was just awful.

I finally just stopped worrying about it and let it go. I just started praying that whatever would be best for our family would happen. Not thinking about it every day and not focusing on the stress of what could happen was wonderful. September 1st came and went. Then we found out that the dates changed. The selection was moved to October 1st with work starting right away. That pretty much sealed the deal for me. Those dates make it impossible for us to even entertain the idea of going.

Am I sad that we won't be going back home? Yes. But I know that nothing is final. There will be other opportunities in the future that could allow us to go back. Finding out that this specific situation won't work for us was a relief though. Now I can just focus on having the baby and adjusting to our new life and NOT worrying about a big move at the same time.

Sometimes we hear "No" and it comforts us. That's when you know that things are as they should be.

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