Friday, September 6, 2013

~Enjoy the moment~

I really need to relax. I need to stop rushing things. I need to enjoy the moment that I'm in as I am in it. I've spent so much time lately worrying and focusing on WHEN Emily will be here that I've forgotten to stop, sit back, and enjoy what's left of my pregnancy. This will be my last one. I really feel that our family is complete. I need to savor these last few weeks and not rush them along. As many complaints as I have there are so many other wonderful moments that outnumber the aches and inconveniences.

There has been so much of this pregnancy that has been much harder than last time. I know once she's here there will be so much that I will miss though. I think it's amazing what our bodies are capable of doing. It blows my mind when I really think about it. There is a person growing inside me! A person that started out as teeny tiny cells. A person that changed and grew week by week. A person who is my daughter. I have a daughter now. That sounds crazy to me for some reason. I'll miss feeling her move...even if she keeps me awake all night. I'll miss feeling her hiccups. Noah thinks it's pretty funny that she can have the hiccups. I'll miss listening to her galloping heartbeat at my appointments.  I'll miss knowing that she's absolutely safe. It's easier to keep her safe and healthy now than it will be once she's born. She's happy in her little world right now. She's blissfully unaware of the way things are out here.

I just want to take time to enjoy this. To be present in the moment and not worry about anything that is to come.


  1. Aw, love this post. Enjoy the little things, especially while Noah is in school ;) haha

  2. Sounds like you definately need to slow down and enjoy all these little things now :)


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