Monday, September 9, 2013

Personality Test - Blogtember

Personality tests fascinate me. I guess it's just fun to learn about yourself and why you do the things you do. Today's Blogtember prompt was to take THIS test. I actually took a test similar to this one a few years ago when I saw a therapist. The test I took back then was MUCH longer and more in depth. This one is quick and gives you a good overview of "who you are". 

I'm an ENFJ. (I was a few years ago too...but why would it change? lol) 

The basic formula for me is this:  Extravert(78%)  iNtuitive(25%)  Feeling(62%)  Judging(44%)

Some Characteristics of an ENFJ:

ENFJs know and appreciate people. They often are apt to neglect themselves and their own needs for the needs of others. They have thinner psychological boundaries than most, and are at risk for being hurt or even abused by less sensitive people. ENFJs often take on more of the burdens of others than they can bear.

They have tremendous charisma by which many are drawn into their grand schemes. Many ENFJs have tremendous power to manipulate others with their phenomenal interpersonal skills and unique salesmanship. But it's usually not meant as manipulation -- ENFJs generally believe in their dreams, and see themselves as helpers and enablers, which they usually are.

An ENFJ can juggle an amazing number of responsibilities or projects simultaneously. 

ENFJs one of the most “universal” personality types and they build successful careers in a broad range of organizations and occupations. There are many ENFJs found among mid- and high-rank management roles. Sales, various social services, counseling, teaching, healthcare, community care as well as legal and paralegal services are just some of the examples of favourable occupations for ENFJs.

I think I most identify with the first characteristic. I spend a lot of time worrying about everyone around me and neglecting my own needs. Not really a good thing to do. I need to work on that! 

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  1. I was *this* close to taking the test but it just looked so long haha


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