Monday, April 22, 2013

Etiquette for being a mom of a 7 yr. old

1. Do not attempt to kiss his cheek at the soccer game. If you succeed he will just wipe it off.

2. Do not call him any kind of cutesy name when helping in his class.  It is okay at home but NEVER at school. He will stare at you will death in his eyes.

3. He will still hold your hand in public if he thinks it's for his own safety.

4. He will choose going to a friends house over snuggling and watching a movie with you after school. Try not to be too sad.

5. Don't be offended when he asks you to stop singing made up songs....and maybe plugs his ears if you continue.

6. You will fix his hair in the morning. It will be so cute. He looks like a sweet little boy. On the way to school you'll glance in the mirror and notice that he is ruffling his hair up. When questioned he will explain that your way is not cool. 

7. The same thing goes for clothes. Come on he's 7! He really does know more about what cool 7 year olds want to wear than you do...

He won't give you a hug or a kiss anymore before he gets out of the car at school unless you ask him too... But he will still tell you he loves you and says goodbye 5 times before he gets out. He will be excited to tell you about his day when you pick him up. When you tell him you missed him he will say he missed you too. You will find things like this in his backpack. 

Your heart will warm with happiness. He will always be your little boy no matter what. 


  1. THIS IS SO CUTE!!! :')

    I fully plan on embarrassing my nephew when he's 7 with kisses and cutesy names. LOL. Maybe I'll change my mind in the next 5.5 years though!

  2. This is great! I keep everything that Jonathan writes about me. I walked into my computer room once and he had written I love you Mom on one of my notepads. I couldn't stop the tears. lol
    Jonathan is approaching the "cool" phase and it makes me excited for him. As much as I love him being little, i'm also excited to see him grow into his own person. Seeing that little "young adult" peek through every once in a while is so exciting to me. But then the next minute he's jumping around like a power ranger. LOL

  3. So true! Garrett is still six but he's already starting to grow into being his own person too. I cringed so hard the first time he told me he didn't want me to sing anymore! I love seeing them grow into their own person but I wish they stay little boys for as long as possible.

  4. Love this post. That note is the sweetest thing!


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