Wednesday, April 3, 2013

You might not know...

1. I used to sell Mary Kay. I feel like I was kind of tricked into this. All that talk of no work and lots of money got to me. I never actually made any money. I didn't enjoy the "team" meetings. It felt very high school popularity contest and less own your own business. I quit and don't regret it.

2. I love crab legs more than any other kind of food. They are delicious and I'm so glad my mom introduced them to me a very very long time ago.

3. I have one brother and one sister. I am the oldest. My sister is an amazing woman. She knows what she wants and won't stop until she gets it! My brother is a super hero paramedic/fire fighter and I'm incredibly proud of him.

4. I've lived in Washington, Mississippi, Michigan, Louisiana, Germany, Louisiana again,Italy, Louisiana again, and now Illinois. My dad was in the Air Force and Joey was in the Army so we moved around quite a bit. I hate moving. It is a huge pain! Hopefully the next move we'll make will be back to Louisiana and we'll just stay there for good =)

5. I don't like sports. I just think it's boring. UNLESS it's Noah's soccer game...THAT I love =) He's so cute!

6. Half of my top right front tooth is fake. I think I was about 8 or 9 and I asked my dad to give me a big push on my bike down the driveway...this was a bad idea. Well I got my wish and it was fun until I got scared, squeezed the FRONT breaks, and flipped off my bike. I broke off part of my tooth =(  Thankfully the dentist fixed it right up!

7. I kill plants. Anything in my yard needs to be pretty self sustainable because I will forget about it. My father-in-law sent me these pretty flowers. They keep going from very perky to very droopy because I forget to water them or forget to put them in the sun. I feel like maybe they think every morning, "Is today the day she kills us?"

I hope you learned some new things about me. Don't worry there won't be a quiz ;)

Tomorrow is the book chat! Don't forget to link up with Jessica from SWEET GREEN TANGERINE. This week the topic is children's books.


  1. I sold Mary Kay for over a year. My mom has sold it for over 14 years but just as a hobby/side thing to get her product for free. I did really great and always had $400 plus parties but it was really hard to gain repeat customers and keep it up. I totally know where you are coming from with the popularity contest and I'm sorry you had a bad experience!

  2. I'm with you there on moving and the military life, except I still love moving. My dad was Air Force and then so was I and that's also where I met my husband - so, lots of moving. I love to move. I even love the packing and putting it in the truck. Weird, I know.

    My mom has half of her front tooth that's fake. She was playing tennis and swung the racket up right into her face. The funny thing is, she's good at tennis. But you wouldn't even know that happened to her. As much as I don't like dentists, sometimes they can be right there when you need them.


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