Tuesday, April 23, 2013

The evolution of a sister.

My sister, Jessica, was born a few weeks before my second birthday. I've been told that at first I was excited! A sister! Who wouldn't love having a sister? Apparently me. After a few days the novelty of having a sibling wore off and I asked quite frequently when "the baby" would be going back. I've seen countless home videos of the terror that can be a younger sibling. She broke my toys! She took my things! She was in my way!

I'm not sure why my mom thought these haircuts were cute...

Eventually she grew up a little and so did I. Now we could play together. As long as there wasn't someone else to play with this was fine with me. Playing with my little sister was fun but I couldn't let anyone else know that, so if she tried to tag along with me and my friends... No! Just no! I loved her I liked her I really did. I'm sure this behavior was very confusing for her. Sorry Jessica...

It took me forever to find a photo of us together during this phase. At least we're at the same table?
Then came the I hate you, do not make eye contact with me in public, and if you speak to me at school you might not survive another day phase. We disliked each other a lot. There was lots of fighting. I really don't even remember what we fought about. I do remember her always taking things from my room. My mom allowed me to put a lock on my door to keep Jessica out. Things got pretty bad sometimes. She once threw our GIANT family bible at me... THE BIBLE. I think Jesus would not approve lol. We just didn't see eye to eye and didn't have very much in common so we avoided each other most of the time.

Somehow the planets aligned in that special way and something magical happened. We became best friends. I can't pin point the exact moment this happened. I think it was all the time we spent apart after I got married and moved far far away. We also both grew up a lot and matured a great deal. I love my little sister so much. I miss her a lot. I can talk to her about anything. I can just be weird awkward me around her. She GETS me. I can not wait to see her this summer. We laugh so much when we're together. The hardest part about moving away from Louisiana has been not seeing my family. My sister can't stop by the house. Noah can't go to her house and have a sleepover with my nephew. She can't call me with a problem and come over to drink wine and sort it all out. We have come a long way. I love her with all of my heart...even if she is taller and skinnier than me... =)


  1. Having a sister is the best! Sweet post!

  2. This is so sweet! I laughed out loud at the bible part. LOL I think being friends as adults is more important than as children. I bet your mom is glad that you two are so close now. I hope and pray that Jonathan & Jude are very close as adults. That's such a close, important bond.

    Oh and how were you SO blond as a child??

  3. Love it. So similar to my relationship with my sister.


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