Monday, February 25, 2013

Pandemonium - Review

There are no words....
Well actually there must be words or I couldn't blog about this amazing book.

If you haven't read Book #1 Delirium I suggest you go read it immediately and THEN pop back over here to read this review. If you choose to read this review first you might find out something you shouldn't.

Here we go...

Love. Love. Love.
I sat down with this book on Friday night and read every moment that I could. I finished Sunday afternoon. In this book Lena has escaped her former life. Sadly Alex didn't make it with her =(
We follow her as she forms a new life at a homestead full of new characters. We also see her become a part of the resistance. The book jumps back and forth every other chapter between Lena's struggle to fit in at the homestead and her crazy journey as a resistance member. There is never a dull moment. The story moves along so smoothly and every time you close the book you will be hoping to open it again soon. I only wish that the last book was out. Waiting to find out what happens is going to be torture! The end of this book will leave you mouth hanging open wishing there were just a few more pages left. GO. READ. IT.

I just found out that Lauren Oliver wrote a short story called Hana. It is about Lena's best friend from the first book. You know I will be reading this asap!


I was so excited when Lena realized that the woman who helped save her was her mother. I really hope that they have a reunion in the last book. I'm not getting my hopes up though. Her mom didn't leave her a message or anything to say, "Hey I still love you...", which made me a little sad and made me think that maybe all that time locked away changed her mentality and motherly feelings.

I was anti Julian from the moment I could tell she started to have feelings for him. He just seems so naive and childlike to me. Plus there is the fact that I was holding out hope that Alex would somehow come back and Julian would just cause problems. THEN on that last page... I squealed with excitement! My husband gave me a funny look. He doesn't understand the power of a good book. There is of course Julian to deal with. I don't want him to be heartbroken but come on! It's Alex! I just hope all that time in the crypts didn't change his personality =(  He did seem pretty harsh when he said, "Don't believe her."

I have my fingers crossed!


  1. I liked this one the most. The last line KILLED me. I was pretty mad that Alex wasn't in any of Pandemonium but I sort of liked her connection with Julian.
    I love this series and I CANNOT wait for Requiem. But then I'll be sad that it's over. :(

  2. I really got to like Julian in this book, and I also feel like very few people liked the whole kidnapping scenario. ugh I really need to re-read these now, I don't remember them as much I wish I did! I'm realizing that more and more. I remember FREAKING out at Alex's return though, but like, why's he all mad?! SHE THOUGHT HE WAS DEAD! I'm so anxious for Requiem!


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