Friday, February 8, 2013

Friday's Letters


Dear Snow,
Enough. We got more snow than I'd like to have yesterday. We shoveled the driveway three times! I see a snow blower in our future.

Dear Puppy,
We miss you but things have been much smoother. I took Artoo back to his foster mommy. I have a suspicion she is going to adopt him. She missed him so much. It was just getting worse everyday having him here. Bella was not adjusting to living with him. She was very on edge all of the time. She wasn't eating. It just wasn't a good situation for her or for him. He deserves a happy home and so does she.

Dear Tiny Baby,
Please stop making me feel sick. It is not fun. I would like to eat like a normal person again. My doctor said if it doesn't get better soon she will give me some medication. I'm hoping it just goes away soon...

Dear Noah,
You have been very independent lately. Waking up on your own. Getting dressed. Getting breakfast. Thank you! I feel awful and I needed a break. You are growing up way too fast for me....

Happy Friday Everyone!


  1. I see you have Liebster Award already, but just wanted to let you know I nominated it for you as well! <3 PS I was going to tag you on Twitter but realized I don't follow you? Do you have Twitter?

  2. Owww hope the morning sickness passes for you, that must not be nice at all :(
    Hope your having a fab weekend x


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