Friday, February 22, 2013


I want to sleep and sleep well. I want to close my eyes at night and not open them until my alarm clock rudely wakes me. But alas this is not to be. There are two things keeping me from dream land.

One- I have to pee ALL THE TIME. It's not uncommon for me to wake up 4 times at night to stumble to the bathroom. This is due, according to the experts, to the increased performance of my kidneys as well as the fact that shortly after becoming pregnant your body starts producing more blood, ew.  Which of course leads to extra fluid to be pumped through those excellent kidneys.  All thanks to tiny baby. Thank you tiny baby =)
I forgive you.

Two- Snoring! Not mine... Joey's. He actually had surgery, painful surgery, about 4 years ago to stop his snoring. It worked for a while but for some reason it has started again. I am a REALLY light sleeper. It wakes me up constantly. After trying to get him to stop 3 or 4 times I gather my things and head to the peaceful quiet of the guest bedroom. I think if I waited longer than that I might actually punch him in the face. How can someone snore so loud and not know it? I'm pushing for him to go to a sleep clinic. The snoring must stop!

Needless to say all of this leaves my groggy and a little grumpy the next day. I have to nap! If I don't I end up falling asleep while helping Noah with homework or I have to go to bed at Eight. That is Noah's bedtime and I miss all of my good shows if I go to bed that early.

So the solution is.... Do nothing about reason one. All pregnant women pee a LOT.
Get Joey to go to a sleep clinic ASAP! Sorry Joey....


  1. Oh no! Charles brother has major snoring problems. He got diagnosed with sleep apnea and has to sleep with a breathing machine over his nose and mouth. Took care of alll the snoring issues. The funny part is that his wife ... Loves it! She makes sure he puts it on every night. She'll even personally put it on his face after he's fallen asleep if he forgets to put it on haha.

  2. Oh I am a light sleeper and a frequent flyer to the bathroom at night time too... and when I was pregnant it was pretty bad. Once my son was born I laughed and realized the extra trips at night were only getting me ready for the baby. Hang in there and take naps when you can. You are growing a human being, that deserves a nap or two! =)


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