Friday, September 28, 2012

Friday's Letters


Linking up this Friday with Ashley from Adventures of Newlyweds

Dear people who make the park policies,
I have been to 4 parks this week. Only to find that I can not bring my dog with me.  I can understand restricting them from the play ground and water areas.  But to keep them out of the whole park is a little ridiculous. I just want to be able to walk her somewhere other than in our neighborhood.  I found a park 30 minutes away that allows dogs...but I don't want to drive half an hour to go walk her and then drive half an hour to get home..
Guess I'll keep looking.

Dear Thanksgiving,
Hurry up! I'm ready to make the trip to my grandparent's house in Missouri. It has been along time since I've spent time there and I miss them a lot.  My dad, future step-mom, sister, and maybe my brother will all be there as well. YIPPEE!

Dear Self,
Go Exercise! 
It's just so hard....  I hate working out and love to eat. Do you see my dilemma? I think if I had a trainer who would come to my house and scream at me to get out of bed and get moving I could do it. I don't think that will be happening any time soon though...

Dear Noah,
Thank you for being so good in the morning this year. My sanity really needed it. It's nice to not have to scream like a drill sergeant for you to eat and get dressed on time. 
Now let's work on bedtime....
If your bed time is at 8:00 then you should go to bed at 8:00, not secretly play with your toys in the dark.  When I come to check on you and question why you are out of bed, "I forgot to stay in bed." is not a very good excuse.

Dear Self,
If you refill the Pur water filter thingy PLEASE make sure that the knob to dispense the water has not been left down. 

I heard a drip drip drip. I though I hope that isn't the kitchen sink. It wasn't. There was water everywhere! I
ll never make that mistake again...

So glad it's Friday!!!!!


  1. SO with on the park policy! I don't get it---- it doesn't seem right! thanks for linking up with me!


  2. HAHA! Love the story about Noah, I am a nanny of three girls, so I am getting the taste of what a stay at home mom feels like, it is a challenging job!! New follower!

  3. I hate when I can't bring my dog to a park! Luckily, we found an amazing off-leash dog park near our apartment. When we went a few nights ago, there were so many small dogs playing around. Adorable! :)


  4. Oh we have that dog park dilemma around here too, but I walk my dogs in the park down the street anyway! I think it's majorly because people often don't clean up after their animals, so usually if there is a cop nearby and they see me with plastic bags and leashes, they won't make a big deal of it.

    Also LOL at "I forgot to stay in bed"... Kids say the darnest things don't they?! I can imagine that's quite frustrating when he doesn't get enough sleep though.

  5. Haha. Noah sounds like Jonathan with the whole "forgetting" business. When I tell him to go get dressed, I walk in 5 minutes later and he's playing with toys on the floor half dressed. His response is always "I keep forgetting!" lol
    I wish they could play together again. That would be great :)


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