Friday, September 7, 2012

Friday's Letters

Today I am linking up with Ashley from Adventures of Newlyweds For Friday's Letters


Dear Bella (our dog),
Please stop running in the mud and tracking it inside JUST after I mop the floors. It is not cute and not appreciated.
Dear Christmas,
Hurry up and get here! I'm ready to make the long drive to Louisiana!
Dear Hair,
Why don't you ever do what I want you to do? We need a therapy session because we are so not getting along.
Dear Illinois,
I am trying to like/maybe love you. I'm enjoying your nice weather and all the fun places you have for us to go. I am concerned that once it starts to turn cold the little bits of like I do have will turn to dislike as I freeze my butt off outside. Be patient with me and don't get to cold...please.
Dear Rug Doctor Carpet Cleaner,
You suck! The money we spent to rent you was a waste and so was my time. We only have carpet on our stairs and in the hallway. The people who lived here must have had several dogs because it smells like dogs. We rented you and you didn't make much of a change. I've used carpet cleaners before and you were by far the worst.
Dear person driving on the opposite side of the street,
Thank you for also stopping to let Mr. Squirrel cross the street.  I would have been ever so sad if he made it across my side only to meet a tragic death crossing yours.


  1. Visiting from the link up! I'm also excited for Christmas to hurry up and get here :) And our dog (also named Bella) also loves to track mud across the freshly cleaned floors lol.

  2. summer hair can be so crazy sometimes!

    new follower :)

    Have a happy Friday! Drop by and say hello!

  3. my dogs are always doing that i clean the couches right after they back up on them making me clean them again, it is a never-ending cycle but i still love them

  4. You know, I have the same problem with my hair. Hair therapy...hmmm, that's a great idea :)


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