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Perfect Ruin ~ Book Review

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You can read a portion of the book HERE from Amazon.

Morgan lives in a city floating in the sky. This city is named Internment. A train runs around the outer part of the city. Cross the train tracks and you find yourself on the edge. A place you do not want to be. You can't leave Internment. Many have tried. These people are called jumpers.  Her brother Lex is one of those people. Approaching the edge is dangerous. Lex is blind because of it. Morgan thinks constantly about what life would be like on the ground. She fears she might one day find herself at the edge trying to look down.
Strange things are happening in this once safe city. There is a murder. Judas is accused of killing his betrothed. Morgan is certain he is innocent. There is more to the murder than the public is being told. She also feels that people close to her are keeping things from her. She begins to question everything she knows. Nothing really is as it seems anymore. In the book we follow Morgan on her adventure to find the truth. She will discover things she never thought possible and feel sadness that she's never known before.

Internment is a very structured place...

Before birth you are betrothed to someone. On your 18th birthday they will become your spouse. Don't like them? Too bad...  If your betrothed happens to die before they are 75 you spend your life alone. Your job is to take care of and protect each other. You wear your betrothal ring on a chain around your neck until it fits your finger. On your wedding day it is filled with your spouses blood. 

You get 75 years of life. That's it. If you reach the age 75 you are dispatched, a nice word for killed kindly and cremated. Internment is a small city. They can't have people living too long and over crowding the place.

Also to prevent crowding and food shortage, you must wait your turn to have a baby. Once you are married you may enter the queue to be approved for a baby. If you happen to get pregnant out of turn you are forced to have the baby terminated. There are no exceptions. To prevent this all females are required to take contraceptives.  

Jumpers are required to take daily medication. Members of their family may be required to take medication as well. 

I really enjoyed reading this book. The characters are easily likable and believable.  I felt like this city really could exist. There are no lulls in the story. Each chapter is packed with new information that will keep you turning the pages. I was constantly saying to myself, "Just one more chapter." I would then take a teensy peek at the next chapter and end up reading that one as well. Morgan is surrounded by so many people who love her. Each of them different and interesting. The journey they take together is scary and exciting.  I'm only worried about three things. 

1. I have to wait a LONG time for the second book to come out!
2. What is going to happen to everyone?
3. The way the book ends sets up the second book to either be awesome or the story could fall apart. I'm hoping for awesome =)

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  1. ooh, sounds interesting! i hate waiting for sequels and what not, so i might check this one out when the other is about to come out! lol


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