Wednesday, April 16, 2014

First Memories

Sometimes when we're doing something fun with Noah I think, "Will he remember this?"

I try really hard to think back to when I was little. The first memory I can come up with is getting into trouble for playing with my dads green stretchy things he used for his pants. He was in the Air Force. They went around the tops of his boots to keep his pants folded at the bottom. I have no idea what they were called. I used them as ponytail holders for my barbies hair....

I can remember in 1st grade tying a little boys shoe laces together. His name was Eddie. He had dark hair and freckled cheeks. He sang songs to me in class. He said he loved me. I did NOT love him back...
I got in a lot of trouble at school that day. The teacher had to cut his shoe laces out of his shoes. I guess I could tie really good knots.

I can remember living in Mississippi and playing with my friends Shannon and Sarah. We were playing dress up and told my sister she had to be a boy. We needed a prince... She cried. It was mean.

It's little snippets of time that I remember. I'm sure we did tons of fun stuff that I've forgotten. I don't really remember my birthdays. I remember very little of our Disney vacation. I know my mom and dad probably wish I could remember some of that stuff. It's strange how our mind works. Why do I remember jumping rope on the playground with my best friend Emily but not Disney World, the most awesome place ever?!?

I wonder what Noah will remember.

What are your earliest memories?


  1. I have a memory that most be old because I'm pretty sure I was in diapers, but I remember walking into my grandparent's living room and my grandpa saying 'well good morning Jenni Jo" and it is as clear as if it happened just yesterday! I find that as my kids get older and they start experiencing things like Kindergarten Round Up, it brings back my own memories of those same events even though I haven't thought about them in ages!!

  2. I always think about these things too. My nephew is just 2 and a half, but I wonder what he'll take away from his childhood. It's just so weird that we can get up and do things every day and not remember them. Our brains are so weird. There's a picture of me at 3 years old on the fridge, standing in my mom's minivan with a pouty face on at my brother's soccer game, and I remember that moment kind of well. I was upset because I didn't want to take a picture LOL. I also remember some other random things from being super young, like how we had a photographer come over once a month to take family photos in the summer. Then there are the days I can barely remember what I had for breakfast LOL. So weird.


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