Friday, April 11, 2014


Dear Groceries,
WTH? Didn't I JUST spend $300 on the first? Where did all the food go? On that note why is food so expensive? Why can't I be like those awesome coupon ladies?

Dear Emily,
6:30am Is not wake up time. It's not going to be. Please stop waking up this early. Your brother was an early morning baby too. I am not an early morning person. At least you let me tuck you into the bed beside me until 7:00am...even if you're slapping my face and pulling my hair the whole time. At least I can close my eyes and rest.

Dear Spring,
Thank you for finally getting here. I love being able to take Emily out for stroller walks in the sun. I hate being cold so your presence is more than welcome.

Dear Bugs,
Stop trying to come in my house! It is spring. It is nice out. You should want to be outside not in here with the lady who will crush you.

The weekend it here and I'm going to enjoy it. Noah has two soccer games tomorrow. What a way to start the season. Back to back games. lol  It is supposed to rain a lot on Sunday but that's fine. Hopefully it will help our plants grow. Have a fantastic Friday and a great weekend!


  1. haha I was literally laughing out loud. What a cute post idea!

  2. Dude. I feel you on the groceries, I feel like I just went shopping and I know I'll have to go again this week!


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